via Daily Prompt: Blanket


Childhood safety net,

angelic white

with the softest satin trim,

perfect for little noses.

Cuddle it tightly,

when nights bring worry.

Snuggle it warmly,

when days bring happiness.

It will be ok, just hold on…

she assures the blanket cuddler.


Snow rolling for miles,

over vast meadows

in winter.

Shhhh…” she hushes,

the earth sleeps peacefully

beneath my blanket

of protection.


Mother Nature’s

brilliant Spring hues

flooding the fields of joy.

Tulips painted

with pale yellow peace


flushed with

pink petals of love,

for as far as the eye can see.

Hello world!” she exclaims.


The endless waves

of healing waters,


its enormous arms

around the coastline beaches

or rocky shores.

A blanket of serenity,

sharing stories

of hope.

“Can you hear it?” she breathes quietly.


Blankets are hidden wonders,

magically transforming


the needs

of the observer.

If only,

the heart and mind


in the openness

of the present.


by J.R. Bonfanti




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