The Process of Pivoting

Time away has been eye-opening. Taking a break from sharing my experiences and thoughts with the world. Writing began to feel like an obligation. Obligation is the quickest way to kill creativity. So back to basics was necessary. I’ve been writing still these past 8 months, but privately. Two journals worth of just crisp paper, the scratching away of my pencil and my thoughts. Yup, back to basics. It has been a time of transitioning…what some gurus call “pivoting.” Life between the pendulum swing. Alot of LIFE has transpired during this pivoting momentum. I ran my first marathon, as I put the “run” back into rundanceclimb.

Stacie, Mark and I after the Wineglass Marathon 2019

Currently sitting on 2 more peaks to finish my ADK Winter 46er.

Jay, Allison and I on Basin Mountain.

We also lost Jackson this past September. He’s watching over us now from his pawlace in the mountain skies. The strongest soul I’ve ever known. Just a couple of the many “every step counts” experiences that have delivered me through this past year.

The last picture I took of Jackson
September 2019

Pivoting. Truly leaving behind the last little bit of Past (with a capital P) that sunk its talons inside of my mind and refused to let go this past year. Spending time with my kids and my core group of trusted friends shook those talons loose. Freedom. Finally. Time away gleans an incredible sense of clarity. When you finally see a person or memories for what they were…toxic poison. Every step counts. Pendulum shattered as my footsteps pivoted down a new path. Not a renewed path. A new one….where hope has been restored and my heart feel light again.

My little nuggets. The oldest one getting ready for college in the fall.

I’m excited for some changes to come in the near future and thankful for finding my voice again after all this time. I hope you’ll continue to forge this new path with me. Still…i rise.

I’ll see you soon,


On our way to Basin

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