Hurricane Mountain: Third Time’s a Charm

Fire towers.  It is where my mountain journey began. As I plan the next few winter hikes, this day came to mind.  Originally, I was supposed to climb the Dix Range on this particular weekend.  However, my friend hurt her hand and did not make the trip.

So I figured it would be the perfect opportunity to attempt Hurricane again. I tried to hike this fire tower the day after I climbed Mount Colden two Decembers ago. Unfortunately the weather was awful that day. Rain fell in buckets.  I was only a few minutes into the hike before turning back.

Then again, last February, I gave it another go after hiking Whiteface and Esther Mountains.  The weather was blah, and that, with some other circumstances, caused me to turn around once again.

However…on August 20, 2016, this hike was meant to be. The weather was ideal.  Finally!

This is a great morning journey if you are searching for one.  It really is one of the best aspects of visiting the fire towers.  You do not need to wake up at the crack of dawn, like with the 46er peaks. (Unless you’re chasing the mountain sunrise!)

After signing into the trail register at 9:40 a.m., I was on my way.  Next to my name in the register:  Find joy in the journey always.

A much-needed reminder for myself on this day.

Footbridges: a mountain sign of the start of a trail.

I fought the temptation to run these!  Although I am fairly sure I did on the way out.

It truly was an excellent day for a summer walk in the woods.

Sunlight spilled through the forest residents…reached this cute, little footbridge after about an hour of trekking.

Another 5 minutes and an outlook is waiting for you. Incredible, unique views of the High Peaks!

Baby cairn marking the way to…
this part of the trail. Yup,up and over before heading into the woods.

At 11:00 a.m., I forged on.  The temperature rose and the woods became thick and sticky. Neat little trail marker on the lone tree.

Always appreciative of a trail sign signifying the remainder of the climb.

I adored this entire trail…maybe it was the season or spotting little treasures here and there.  Nonetheless, it was a remarkable day to be out!

The infamous Hurricane cairn. I arrived at the summit at 11:10 a.m.


Standing at 3,694 feet high, Hurricane Mountain has spectacular views! Up I go!



To the south, all the way to the northwest, landscapes of the High Peaks can be observed.


This view from the tower, highlights The Green Mountains of Vermont.

Hurricane marked my 3rd fire tower climb…nice and slow steps up to the top.

Hurricane is famous for its high winds at the summit and boy, was I thankful for those winds! The air was hot and hot, oh and hot!

A vista lunch and mountain gazing for 20 minutes was the best part of the day!

One last “breathe in and out” of peak air and it was time for a lollipop on the descent.


More of my obsession with trail mushrooms.

Brilliantly blue and most likely inedible.  Haha.

Hard to believe I was just up there 20 minutes prior.

Back at the outlook…had to snap a shot with Miss Marcy wayyy in the distance.


Oh, hello there Mister Snake! Thanks for slithering across my toes on the trail and scaring the bejesus out of me!

When hiking, always take time to rest and get thee to water when you can.  Spiritually replenishing and  calming…

Mushroom fascination.  It’s a thing. 😉

At 12:40 p.m., I signed myself out of the hike.  The trail sign still says 2.6 miles to the summit.  Actually though, the route is 3.4 miles because of the addition of switchbacks, in order to preserve the mountain and combat erosion.

Time: 3 hours, with a summit lunch break

Total distance: 6.8 miles

Despite the quick hiking time, I would be remiss if I didn’t admit the climb had my heart pumping.  It was a great workout for sure!  Besides the excellent opportunity for exercise, more importantly, is the chance to spend time refilling your heart and soul with nature’s goodness.


A perfect day in the mountains. Incredibly thankful.  Wishing you a day full of soul healing peace and beauty. Amen.

Continuing the journey,



2 thoughts on “Hurricane Mountain: Third Time’s a Charm

  1. Just found out about your blog! I’ll be reading more often for sure. Beautiful pictures to match your journey. ❤


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