Buttermilk Falls: Long Lake’s Tranquillity

Recently, I stole away to find solace and peacefulness. Whenever my spirit requires recharging, I follow Liz Gilbert’s advice: Get thee to water!

Ideally, the ocean is my place of rest, especially growing up on Long Island. But I have also learned that “get thee to water” works pretty much anywhere you find water.  Waterfalls are no exception.  In fact, in my opinion, they provide the same healing qualities as the ocean.  The sound of rushing water, cascading into the stream bed below.

Get thee to water.

Warm mountain weather in January resulted in a  powerful Mother Nature.  My hope was to discover a frozen waterfall, but the temperature that weekend was foggy and unseasonably mild.

Still, despite the slippery, icy path…the waterfall was mist-“fully” magnificent.

My first thought that came to mind was fortitude.  Memorizing strength.  In the same place you find healing and serenity, you are also reminded not to mess with Mother Nature.  She is the epitome of beautifully strong. The embodiment of restoration.

I absolutely loved the mist rising from the falls…the fog set the mountain mood perfectly.


Just a girl and her tripod…

The true definition of awesome.

I could have stayed here all day…





For it is within the stillness, we hear the truth within.



Stayed as long as I could, hoping to capture a glimpse of a moose.  Someday.

Water…get thee to water.  Be a water seeker.  Ocean explorer.  River hunter.  Lake pioneer. Stream searcher.   Or a waterfall chaser…definitely a waterfall chaser.


Get thee to water.  Replenish your soul.

Flowing with ease,


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