“For Everything You’ve Missed…

you’ve gained something else.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Last April, I wrote the piece, Tick, Tock…Tick, Tock… about my struggles with the concept of “time.” Completely consumed by it at the time, focusing on anything else was near to impossible.

Time continues to be a reoccurring theme in my life. However, I am not nearly as anxious about it now. Through this journey of embracing my life,  I’ve shed most of my OCD outer shell since then.

But time is still ticking away  in my heart now.  Not fast and furiously racing anymore. No…

Instead, tonight, Time is taking refuge in my soul in an unfamiliar manner.

Now, where there was once a  type A “need-to control-everything-in-my-life” shell,  a grieving hopefulness remains. Yes…grieving mixed with hope. It’s an unusual combination, I’ll admit. But it’s the best way I can convey the delicately immense emotions settling inside my heart.

Sorrow for the time lost.  Hope for the time ahead.  A beautiful, grieving hopefulness.

I have accepted Time.

How can pain be beautiful?  Gratitude.  Plain and simple.  In the midst of the storm, find the light.  Light is gratitude.

“For everything you’ve missed, you’ve gained something else.”  

You’ve gained something else…

The passing of time is inevitable.  The only constant in life is change.  So instead of fighting it, fearing it, or  dwelling on it in the darkness, mindfully shift your perception on the abundance of light. Bountiful blessings, or at times, maybe only a few.  But they are there.

Little glimmers of Light are always present. Take notice.  Tiny miracles surround us every moment of every day.

Sounds easy enough, right?  Except it’s not.  It’s not easy.  It.is.not.easy. It is life. It requires you to rewire your thinking during a time when even getting out of bed each day can be a challenge.

It is intentional. Not intensely intentional. But peacefully…mindfully…remember-to-exhale intentional.

Light. Gratitude. Intentionally mindful.  If you can live each day with those 3 beliefs at the forefront of your journey, then Time becomes your best friend. Time becomes now.  Present and ready…to hold your hand through the grieving beauty of hopefulness…and guide you the way home.

There is always something to be gained.  Miracles amidst the pain?  Yes.  My trip to Watkins Glen and countless trips to the mountains have proven this to be true on my journey.

But what if the storm is raging, and the sands of time seem as though they are slipping through your fingers?

Yes, even then.  Even then.  Walk the path of gratitude anyway. Crawl if you have to…breathe through the storm and crawl towards the light.

It’s the sound of the snow falling or crunching beneath your feet.

It’s that run with a friend who is there to catch you when you fall in this thing called life.

It’s the laughter of children; joyfully infectious.

It’s the sunlight, glistening through the illuminated forest, cascading its warmth on ribbons of birch bark.

Gratitude is everywhere and in all things. ALL things!

Sloooowww down.  Exhale.  Take notice. Listen. Gaze all around you. Then #breatheitin.

It’s going to be ok.

Allow Time to be your companion, not your enemy. Let go of time that is lost, release the idea of the way you thought it was going to be,  and step courageously into your present.

“For everything you’ve missed, you’ve gained something else.”  

There is always something to be gained…remember that! Hold tight to it. There are always blessings in the pain.  Always. Light in the darkness.  You can choose to see the journey through any colored glasses you wish…(purple is my favorite.)

Focus on the now. Breathe in hope, exhale sadness and allow your heart to swell with glimmers of gratitude.

Hand in hand with Father Time,


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