When Life Happens…You Take a Sabbatical.

So life happened. The journey of beautiful triumphs and heartbreaking moments. You’ve been there too, right?  Those times in your life when you need to take time to reflect, reground and rise again?

Something like this:

But actually more like this:

I have so many adventures to tell about during my “life sabbatical”: my first triathlon, unexpected discoveries with my children, the most beautiful half I’ve ever run.  Races, mountains and moments and memories…

There has been an absence in my heart and a silence in my soul. Sometimes the inner self begs for stillness and clarity. Waiting patiently then, for the fog to lift yet again, revealing the next right step on this path of life.

During this unpaid leave of life, Psalm 46:10 has been my savior. Be still and know that I am God.  Be still and know…

Trust. Stop moving. Stop worrying, let go and trust. It.will.be.ok.  A grateful heart knows no sorrows.

The time has come to pick up the pen of life and write again. It is the next right step. 

Like the brilliant Brene Brown says:

Life. Amen.

Praying through the rise,


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