Do the Du: Ready or Not?

So I have this reoccurring issue with signing up for things before I am physically ready.  It is my way of combatting fear and keeping my mind healthy.  I set a goal, register for the event and then begin training. I am all Gung-Ho!  I want to be a strong role model for my kids.  “Here I come to break more barriers!” seems to be the mantra in my mind at the time.  Then reality usually sets in and I’m left wondering, “What was I thinking??”


In 3 weeks, I will be racing in my first duathlon.  Run, Bike, Run.  The course is a 5K-20mile-5K format.  The total race distance is 26.2 miles (#marathonnotamarathon). My nerves and old self on this Saturday morning are beginning to tell me that this cannot be done. Training has been spotty lately.

And it doesn’t help that I live in upstate New York…running outside, yes.  No problem.  Cycling outside? Well…that’s another story.  I have spent the winter focusing on my swimming for my summer triathlon since that is my weakest link.  Next thing you know, this Flower City Duathlon is right around the corner!  I’m not ready….

Yes, training has been the stumper for me.  Creating a consistent schedule to train around my job and my kids has been a challenge.  I seem to focus on one discipline and neglect the others.  Running, spinning, cross training, one day of weight training, core strengthening (and the monthly 46er mountain climbing). I even competed in an indoor tri a few weeks ago. I’ve done them all in bits and pieces but nothing consistent.  

Or sometimes, I have to fit the training in whenever I can…and that may mean doing many disciplines at one time, rather than stagger them throughout the week.  The other night, while the kids were with their dad, I hit the gym.  I ran 5 miles on the treadmill, cycled for 15 minutes while I waited for the lap swimming to open in the pool.  Then I swam 1500 yards.  None of what I did felt strong.  It was a medicore training day.  But I did it.  Check √

Yesterday was core work.  I only squeezed in 20 minutes. Life of a mother of 3…

Now the cycling portion of the race is scaring me a bit.  20 miles.  When I signed up for the race back in November, I thought…20 miles? No worries!  But now…after a few outdoor bike rides…I’m not so sure.  Training indoors just isn’t the same as hitting the pavement. I don’t have the right equipment.  No race bike.  Just using my Giant hybrid-type bike.  It’s heavy.  I haven’t done 1 brick workout yet either!!

A daily reminder for me

Endurance has always been my nemesis.  Even when I run my half marathons, my wall is around mile 9 almost every time.  My 95 pound frame needs to be fierce and fight hard usually.  I want to be strong.  To endure.

What do you do when your training isn’t up to par?  How do you make the most of the time remaining?  What if I cannot finish the race?  What if I fail?  Why do I do this to myself??

There is a heavy cloud-filled sky outside my kitchen window as I type this.  The forecast is calling for snow! (#rochesterspring)  The heavy-filled doubt currently in my mind matches the weather outside. Wait! It is now pouring rain outside…perfect.  The doubt continues to swirl and spin.  Am I strong enough? Powerful enough?  Is my body capable of enduring?

Be Brave

Fear has challenged me to yet another throwdown!  The next “mountain”now stands in my path.  I’m in need of some serious motivation to fight this off-balance feeling…

Today needs to be another run-bike day.  Indoors of course.  (When can I move south??)

3 weeks until Game Day…21 days, but who’s counting?   I need to channel that same fighting will I have when I climb mountains.  Meet Fear at his throwdown and start the battle.  Here we go again!


I pray I have what it takes.  Until then….still I rise. Amen.



1..2..Cha Cha Cha(shoes are needed)

Flower City Duathlon 2016


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